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AMSOIL vs Redline Gear Oil: 5 Differences

When ensuring the longevity and performance of your vehicle’s transmission components, the choice of gear oil is paramount. Two popular options in the market are AMSOIL Gear Oil and Red Line Gear Oil. Both brands offer high-quality products, but there are some differences you should know about.

AMSOIL offers various vehicle gear oils, from long-haul trucks to passenger cars. It provides a long service life, offering longer intervals between oil changes. But Redline specializes in high-performance applications and is often chosen for racing and sports car models.

Throughout this in-depth article, we’ll explore five significant differences between AMSOIL and Red Line Gear Oil for your vehicles to choose the perfect one. So keep reading.

AMSOIL Full Synthetic Severe Gear Lube 75W-90 1 Quart
  • Full Synthetic 75W-90 Formula
  • Extreme Wear Protection
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • High-Performance Applications
  • Advanced Synthetic Technology
Red Line 58404 Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil – 1 Quart Bottle
  • Enhanced Gear Protection
  • Smooth and Efficient Transitions
  • Shockproof Formula
  • Optimal Thermal Stability
  • Extended Transmission Lifespan

Differences Between AMSOIL and Redline Gear Oil for Vehicle

Differences Between AMSOIL and Redline Gear Oil for Vehicle

When comparing AMSOIL and Redline gear oil for your vehicle, there are several key differences to consider.

  • Application compatibility
  • Longevity and service life
  • Cold flow performance
  • Availability and dealership support
  • Cost and pricing

1. Application Compatibility

AMSOIL Gear Oil is formulated to meet the high-load demands of various vehicles, including long-haul trucks, heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars and trucks. Its advanced protection against wear and ability to perform in extreme temperatures make it a versatile option for various applications.

Meanwhile, Red Line Gear Oil is specifically designed for compatibility with select vehicle brands such as Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, VW/Audi, Toyota, Lotus, and more. It’s often preferred for racing and sports car applications and off-road use in transmissions like Mendeola and transfer cases like Atlas.

2. Longevity and Service Life

AMSOIL Gear Oil is renowned for its exceptional longevity, engineered to provide a service life of up to 500,000 miles (or 805,000 kilometers). This extended service life can significantly reduce maintenance needs, making it an attractive choice for those looking to maximize component lifespan.

On the other hand, Red Line Gear Oil is designed for performance and quick shifts, but it may not have the same level of extended service life as AMSOIL.

3. Cold Flow Performance

AMSOIL Gear oil is specifically formulated to excel in cold temperatures, ensuring consistent viscosity and optimal protection for your vehicle. This is particularly beneficial if you live in colder climates where extreme temperature variations can affect the performance of your gear oil.

In contrast, Red Line Gear Oil is designed for high-performance applications, but you should check its cold flow characteristics if you live in a colder area. Understand how gear oils behave in cold weather to ensure reliable lubrication and prevent damage to your vehicle’s components.

4. Availability and Dealership Support

AMSOIL products are readily available through their authorized dealers, ensuring easy access for customers. The brand strongly emphasizes customer support, offering resources and contact information on its website. This lets customers easily contact knowledgeable professionals who can assist with inquiries or concerns.

Meanwhile, Red Line Synthetic Oil also offers its products through authorized dealers. However, their website goes beyond product availability and provides additional sections such as news and motorsports. This demonstrates their commitment to providing a comprehensive experience for their customers.

5. Cost and Pricing

AMSOIL Severe Gear is priced competitively, ranging from $18.29 to $22.09 per quart-sized container. Despite its cost-effectiveness, it doesn’t compromise on quality and offers long-lasting lubrication and improved fuel efficiency.

Alternatively, Red Line Gear Oil is slightly more expensive, priced at around $23.10 per quart-sized container. While it may be pricier than some competitors, it still performs excellently.

Comparison Table for AMSOIL and Redline Gear Oil

FeatureAMSOIL Gear OilRed Line Gear Oil
Application CompatibilitySuitable for a wide range of vehicles, including long-haul trucks, heavy equipment, passenger cars, and more.Primarily compatible with specific vehicle makes and transmissions, racing, and off-road applications.
Cost and PricingConsidered cost-effective due to its long-lasting performance and fuel efficiency improvements.Priced around $23.10 per quart-sized container, making it slightly more expensive.
Longevity and Service LifeEngineered for a service life of up to 500,000 miles, significantly reducing maintenance needs.Designed for performance but may not have the same level of extended service life.
Cold Flow PerformanceRenowned for its cold flow performance, ensuring consistent viscosity and protection in cold temperatures.Cold flow characteristics may vary, and performance in extreme cold should be verified.
Availability and Dealership SupportAvailable through authorized dealers with an emphasis on customer support and resources.Also available through authorized dealers, with additional website sections for news, motorsports, and product availability.

How long does AMSOIL severe gear oil last?

How long does AMSOIL severe gear oil last

AMSOIL severe gear oil is designed to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures up to 100K miles, providing exceptional protection and lubrication to the gears. It’s formulated with advanced additives that resist oxidation, foam, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.

However, after this time, the oil will tend to degrade. Some users used this gear oil up to 500k miles. But it is recommended to check your owner’s manual or change the oil every 50k miles for severe driving conditions.

Is Redline Gear Oil 100% synthetic?

Redline gear oil is consistently manufactured as a 100% synthetic lubricant. Red Line takes pride in formulating their gear oils with the highest-quality base stocks.

Utilizing full-synthetic oils can ensure superior performance and protection for your vehicle’s gears. Synthetic lubricants are engineered to have uniform molecular structures, providing enhanced thermal stability, oxidation resistance, and lubricity compared to conventional oils.

Redline gear oil’s synthetic formulation offers excellent viscosity stability across various temperatures, allowing for improved gear protection and reduced wear. Additionally, Redline Gear Oil uses advanced additives that work synergistically with its synthetic base stocks to prevent foaming, corrosion, and rust.

How long does Redline gear oil last?

When using Redline gear oil, the longevity of its performance can be determined by considering factors such as driving habits and operating conditions. If you frequently engage in city driving or drive at low speeds and frequencies, changing the gear oil every 7,500 miles is recommended.

On the other hand, vehicles that predominantly see highway driving can extend the interval to a maximum of 15,000 to 18,000 miles, with an oil filter change in between.

What is the best gear oil for limited slip differentials?

For optimal performance in limited slip differentials (LSD), the Red Line synthetic 70W-90 GL-5 gear oil can be a top choice.

This high-quality synthetic oil is designed to provide optimum performance and superior traction under acceleration. It offers excellent protection against wear, heat, and friction, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the LSD.

Which gear oil is better for cold weather performance?

To ensure optimal performance in cold weather, consider the gear oil’s ability to maintain consistent viscosity and protection, especially if you live in a frigid climate.

AMSOIL Gear Oil is renowned for its cold flow performance, making it an excellent choice for cold weather conditions. The formula resists thickening at low temperatures, so it flows smoothly and lubricates your gears effectively. This helps to prevent wear and tear, reducing the risk of damage to your vehicle’s drivetrain.

AMSOIL or Red Line: Choose the Proper Gear Oil According to Your Preference

Both AMSOIL and Red Line Gear Oil are respected brands with excellent products. Your choice should depend on your specific vehicle, driving conditions, budget, and whether you prioritize extended service life, cold weather performance, or compatibility with particular vehicle types.

AMSOIL’s severe gear oil lasts for longer, keeping your vehicle running smoothly for years on end. Redline boasts a 100% synthetic formula that ensures top-notch performance. With Redline gear oil, you can expect it to last forever, defying the laws of time.

Consulting an authorized dealer or automotive expert can be invaluable in making the right selection to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle’s essential components.

AMSOIL FULL SYNTHETIC Severe Gear Oil 75W-140 1 quart
  • High-Performance Full Synthetic Formula
  • Superior Protection for Gears
  • Viscosity Stability in Extreme Conditions
  • Enhanced Wear Control Technology
  • Compatible with Limited-Slip Differentials
Red Line (58205) Heavy ShockProof Gear Oil – 1 Gallon
  • Extreme-pressure protection, low friction.
  • Dramatically reduces temperatures.
  • Shock loading protection for gears.
  • Minimizes metal-to-metal contact, reduces noise.
  • Unique solid dispersion cushions gears.

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